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Who is Aliant Brands

At Aliant Brands, we transcend traditional promotional marketing. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, we've been instrumental in driving enhanced business outcomes for clients across diverse industries. Our comprehensive approach integrates upstream strategy, creative services, and cutting-edge technology with downstream production and distribution, spanning both physical and digital realms.

As a dynamic team of brand evangelists, designers, and developers, we don't just meet expectations; we obsessively strive to exceed them. Rooted in a foundation of determination and an unwavering passion for customer service, we have evolved into one of the industry's fastest-growing and forward-thinking companies.

Our specialization lies in ingenious promotional products and sophisticated campaigns that demand creative thinking. No challenge is too great, and we enthusiastically collaborate with clients across various industries. Creativity is not just a service we provide; it's our prime product. Our insights drive originality, shaping the industry's landscape as we lead by example and set higher standards for service.

What sets us apart is our understanding that we are only as good as our last order. This mindset fuels our success, guiding us to keep things simple, flexible, and focused on building lasting relationships. At Aliant Brands, we don't just deliver solutions; we redefine possibilities.


Empower brands with strategic creativity and engage people through immersive experiences.
We are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that not only elevate brand identities but also resonate with and captivate diverse audiences

Empowering Brands.
Engaging People.


We envision a future where creativity and strategy converge to redefine brand excellence. Our vision is to be the catalysts of transformation, igniting a new era of innovative solutions that captivate, inspire, and exceed expectations. Through dynamic partnerships, unwavering integrity, and a passion for pushing boundaries, we strive to pioneer a landscape where every brand interaction is not just a moment but an unforgettable experience. 

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Our Principles

Client-Centric Innovation:

We prioritize understanding our client's unique needs, aspirations, and challenges. Through collaborative innovation, we strive to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our clients are at the heart of every decision and action, driving us to constantly evolve and tailor our services to their ever-changing landscape.

Building Lasting Relationships:

We believe that relationships are the cornerstone of success. We foster an environment of trust, transparency, and open communication, ensuring that every interaction, whether with clients or within our team, is founded on mutual respect and understanding. These enduring relationships form the bedrock of our collaborative journey, both internally and externally.

Uncompromising Excellence:

We set high standards for ourselves, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity and strategic thinking. Through continuous improvement, learning, and adaptability, we strive to deliver unparalleled quality in every project. Excellence is not just a goal; it's a standard that permeates our culture, ensuring that we always raise the bar for ourselves and our clients.

At Aliant Brands, we unleash the power of creativity to redefine possibilities and propel brands to extraordinary success.

Our Capabilities

Our aim is to transform invisible concepts into elevated branding, apparel, and promotional merchandise.

All so you can foster deeper relationships with your consumers through community rather than commodity.

Custom Merchandise

Screen Printing & Embroidery

Custom Hats

Custom Promotional Products

Custom Bags

Custom Apparel

Workwear & Uniforms

Team Uniforms

Branding & Design

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Logo & Identity Systems

Product Naming Ideation

Brand Audits & Repositioning

Merchandise Design

Product Label Design

Signs & Graphics

Wayfinding Systems

Post & Panel Signage

Free Standing Monoliths

Architectural Lettering

Retail & POP

Tradeshow & Events

Brands We Empower

We’ve collaborated with clients from every type of organization, from local non-profits to international corporations. Our unique approach to brand design, custom merchandise, sourcing, and production has led to lasting partnerships across all industries, including education sectors, restaurant groups, advertising agencies, sports, automotive, natural foods, hospitality, and more.

Let Aliant Brands
help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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