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Aliant Brands Appointed Exclusive UK Distributor for Tricorp Workwear

Promotional marketing agency and workwear distributor

Aliant Brands has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of Tricorp Workwear products. The Dutch brand is a well-known name in the workwear industry thanks to its modern designs, strong technical and scientific credentials and streetwear-inspired aesthetic, all created for the most testing environments and weather conditions.

Aliant Brands will use its more than 3 decades of workwear experience to develop the Tricorp brand in the UK, with UK distribution and stock for the entire Tricorp range of products including t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts as well as hi-visibility clothing and specialist personal protection equipment.

Known for its outstanding technical quality, the range includes workwear for every professional; not just workwear for men and women, but workwear for professionals in the most diverse fields. Like Aliant Brands, Tricrop believes that professionals are entitled to demand more from their workwear. It must fit perfectly. And because professionals come in all shapes and sizes, Tricorp’s range of products is focused on developing collections of uniform workwear that are available in various sizes and fits.

Aliant Brands Director Mario Zamfir said, “We are very excited to confirm our collaboration with Tricorp and look forward to growing the brand across the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide customers with greater and more immediate access to Tricorp’s growing range of products, as well as strengthen Tricorp’s presence in the UK.”

Tricorp Export Manager Nina Adams said, “As part of our effort to improve the way we do business with the UK post Brexit, we are delighted to have appointed Aliant Brands as our UK distribution partner. This new relationship will provide greater and more immediate access to our growing range of products under our well known brand.”



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