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Attracting Students With Brochure Marketing

Universities are under pressure to attract the best students and boost UCAS application numbers. However, large fees may cause young people to reassess whether they should apply for a university space, which means you must work harder to persuade them to enrol at your establishment.

Sleek and professional-looking, a brochure can really catch your target audience’s eye and promote what you can offer. Getting that critical overview of how a brochure should look is essential to making a success of your university-specific one.

Designing an effect university brochure

Every headline, subheading and text box must be clear — no ambiguous words or odd page placements. Make your text attractive to read by splitting it up into bitesize chunks and ensure that you only write useful descriptions.

Simple and smart fonts work best to ensure consistency and professionalism — two font styles and three font sizes are best. Don’t embolden or italicize your text too much (you’ll weaken the effect, which is meant to be there to emphasise a point).

Make sure you pack your brochure with lots of images — an all text brochure won’t work. Not only will this give your university ‘personality’, but it will also help you break up your text and make the entire product seem more ‘user friendly’.

How you write and what you write can mean the difference between success and failure. Write with an exciting, optimistic and inspiring tone as a soon-to-be uni student is eager to start a new chapter in their life, and you must match this feeling. Be sure to to pay attention to the below factors:

  • Funding: is it easy to get a scholarship?

  • Employability: will students likely get a job after they graduate?

  • Accommodation: is student accommodation good and residential areas surrounding the university nice?

  • Social life: a big part of university — are there good bars, restaurants and activity centres around?

  • Out-of-class activities: do you offer study abroad programmes and lots of student clubs?

We’d advise you devote a section of your brochure to each of the above topics — they’ll be what your student is looking to learn about to help make their choice.

At this point, your audience is at its most hopeful and motivated — mirror their excitement and show them that your university can help them achieve their dreams.


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