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Aliant Brands partners with a ground-breaking sustainable bottle company - Ocean Bottle!

We like hanging with like-minded businesses that live their purpose, so we are beyond excited to have partnered up with Ocean Bottle to bring you our very own Aliant reusable bottle.


As we look towards a more sustainable future, we seek to play our part in helping to eliminate plastic from the ocean and rivers. Plastic is polluting our oceans at an astounding rate, sustainability is extremely important to us here at Aliant Brands and we have lots of exciting projects planned for 2023.

We are happy to launch our exciting new partnership with Ocean Bottle, a company that prides itself on being one of the first tangible ocean impact solutions available. Every Ocean Bottle sold will fund the collection of 11.4 kg of ocean-bound plastic. That equates to over 1000 plastic bottles in weight. In addition, the Ocean Bottle company will fund the collection of an extra 10 plastic bottles with every picture and tag #oceanbottle or @oceanbottle, so please start sharing pictures of your bottle today.

Our partnership with Ocean Bottle was born from a shared concern and understanding of the impact that plastic bottles are having on our ocean life. Ocean Bottle are helping to create a long-term circular solution to the plastic crisis. The bottle itself is part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic, it has been created to last a lifetime, it’s easily recyclable and never compromises on impact.

Would you like to know more about the OCEAN BOTTLE company, please click here.



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