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How Promotional Products Increase Donations for Non Profit Organizations

Is your non profit looking to increase the number of or size of donations? If you’re like every other non profit then the answer is a resounding yes and we couldn’t agree more. And if you’re like most non profits you’re looking for recommendations on how to make getting those donations easier.

The good news is there is a very easy answer to making this happen for your organization. Implementing promotional products into your donation marketing mix will deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Everyone loves “free stuff” so whether it’s for a fundraiser or a part of your direct mail strategy, it’s well worth making promo items a part of your marketing. While many organizations are overly focused on digital campaigns only, you’ll stand out in a big way by implementing this offline tactic.

Here we’ll look a little closer at what you can expect by using promotional items to increase donations.

Increase Donations and Promote Your Brand

While you’re on your mission to increase the number of and size of donations, you can at the same time promote the brand to drive greater awareness and recognition. The great thing about promo products is that they are perfect at showcasing your brand identity. Many of the promotional item’s non profits can choose to give out are things that donors will use or see often, in many cases multiple times throughout the day. That’s a lot of impressions for the brand!

Products like tote bags, pens, or t-shirts are not only useful but they also send a strong message of support for the organization by the person using or wearing those items. This increased visibility is extremely valuable and will lead to more donations due to that new exposure as well as make those who are asked to donate or invited to a giving event more likely to give or attend if they’ve been exposed to the brand.

Generate Additional Revenues with Great Promotional Products

In what ways can promotional products be used to generate more revenue? Let’s look at a couple of the most common ways to make this happen.

Promotional Items as Donation Rewards

A common approach to reward donors for their giving is by creating levels of giving that at each level has specific promotions tied to each tier. For example, you could have a t-shirt for level 1, branded jacket + t-shirt for level 2 and a coffee table book + jacket + t-shirt for level 3.

This exchange of value feels much better to the average donor as they are not only doing a good deed but also getting something material in return to “show off” the fact that they have donated to the non profit.

Motivation to Increase Donation Value/Size

Simply promoting your campaign or event using a promo product can motivate target donors to give. In most cases people are thinking about giving to charitable causes, there needs to be a catalyst and while you can always go the route of running a commercial or sending out direct mail, a more fun way and in many cases more effective way to spark a donor thinking about giving and motivating them to do so is sharing with them a promotional item that they can engage with and keeps you top of mind.

Top 10 Best Promotional Products for Non Profits

There are many promo items you can choose as options to include in your donor marketing strategy. To give you a good starting point we’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 promotional products for non profits to get more donations. Many of these you can get for under $3 each which makes them even better!

Here are the top 10 most effective (and affordable) promotional products for non profits:

  1. Branded T-shirts

  2. Custom Plastic Cups

  3. Branded Sunglasses

  4. Printed Stress Balls

  5. Plastic Water Bottles

  6. Personalized Notebooks

  7. Canvas Totes

  8. Branded Pens

  9. Custom Key Chains

  10. Personlized Lip Balm

By using promotional items in your nonprofit donor marketing it’s guaranteed that you’ll see an increase in the volume of donations you’ll receive as well as the amount of those donations.


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