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Get Noticed with Roller Banners

A good roller banner will get you noticed and deliver the right message if designed effectively. Below are a few hints and tips to help you get the best of your banner. Captivate It’s important to have a Banner that’s quick and easy to set up because let’s face it, you don’t want to spend half your time setting things up. Our roller banners can be set up in less than 15 seconds! Since you only have a split second to captivate the audience, don’t waste it on your company name or URL. It is far better to use this space for a short phrase or sentence or attention-grabbing graphics. This is particularly important if you are introducing a new product – you want it to stand out so the place to put it is at eye level. Eighty percent of your banner’s success will come from that short phrase, so take out half of the time you spend writing the content, and use it for perfecting the headline. Avoid providing a variety of messages on your banner. Capture the visitor’s attention by displaying your most important message. Intrigue In real-life, if someone smiles at you, you usually tend to smile back. Use this to your advantage and add something compelling to your banner for people to smile about. Whether it’s something funny, a photo of a tropical sunny beach, a good offer or just something that makes people look twice – as soon as you’ve related to your audience they’ll be more likely to switch on to what you’re promoting. Visualise With whatever image you choose, make sure it’s relatable to your target audience, of a high quality, and make sure that it represents your brand 100 percent. Make your banner visually engaging, especially if you’re advertising a product. Using a professional photograph strengthens your visual presentation and is likely to be most useful to your audience. Let your graphics speak because good design sells. If you don’t use a professional photographer at the very least make sure the images are 300 dpi and saved as CMYK ready for print. Don’t pull an image straight from a website and pop it into your design as it will be poor quality and saved as RGB. Remember you are trying to capture people’s attention and draw them toward your products.

Minimalize Your banner needs to stand out and grab the public’s attention. As well as your name and website (if you choose to include it), consider adding a phrase. Or how about including that one thing you believe the public needs to know? This is all you really need in terms of text. Logos Use the top of your stand to display your core message. It is important to have your main message at eye level so whether this is your company slogan, an image of a product or your website, put it at the level that is most likely to grab someone’s attention as they walk past it. Colors Let colour be your friend when designing your roll up stand. Colours can help to make you stand out at an exhibition but they must tie in and work well with your existing corporate colours and of course your logo. It is also important to consider the impact of the background colour of your roll up stand in relation to text and images. All images and text must be clear and easy to read on your stand. Bright colours like red and orange can really grab the attention but be sure to avoid using yellow and white together as it will be really hard to make out any information, especially from distance. Use colour wisely. Contact Details One final thing to remember when designing your roll up banner stand is your contact details. This is particularly important for an exhibition where you may not get talking to everyone in attendance. Contact details will give visitors information on how to best contact you should they want to avail of your services or find out more about a product. Include your website, contact number and email address (or at the very least one of these). A company address and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook could also be used to provide customers with another channel to contact you by. Put these tips to use on your next roller banner and really help your products or services stand out!

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