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The Benefits of Corporate Gifting

What is Corporate Gifting?

Much like it sounds, corporate gifting is the art of sending gifts to those who help your company thrive. From your most valuable customers, your trusted advisors, your hard-working employees, diligent suppliers, and more, your business is filled with associates, customers, and other business partners that help make it thrive. By sending a thoughtful gift to them, you are sending a message of appreciation.

Everything your company does leaves an impression, whether good or bad, and that includes your corporate gifting. When companies take the time to send gifts for associates and clients it’s a direct reflection of your company and your values.

Amazing corporate gifts are thoughtful and send a positive message even without saying a word. From the actual product and packaging down to the delivery, presentation is everything. While these details are important, they don’t have to be expensive or over the top to get the job done.

The Benefits of Corporate Gifting:

There are many benefits in sending out special business gifts. Well thought out gifts can help reinforce your brand image. Furthermore, by choosing custom gifts for employees and clients that are fun or on-trend, practical, and sustainable, you can give a gift that reflects positively reflection on your company.

On the other hand, gifts for workers and clients that are of poor quality, fall apart, or lack any appeal or usefulness can negatively impact the impression you are trying to leave and in some instances, are worse than sending nothing at all. While bad gifts can happen to good companies, there are many resources available to companies to ensure all of your corporate gift items are every bit as awesome as you imagined!

Tips to ensure your gifts send the right message:

  1. Choose Quality Every Single Time. Even for companies on a small budget can score high-quality, unique gifts for employees and customers. In fact, even companies on a small budget can send good gifts for employees and clients in the form of high-quality snacks or hand-written cards.

  2. Think through your presentation. The branding doesn’t end with your product. Whether you’re preparing to ship your gifts or personally hand them out, the presentation is part of the experience.

  3. Sustainability is key. An important component of any gift is thinking through its impact on the environment. There was a time when plastic water bottles littered the floors and overflowed from every trash bin at conferences and it was expected. Today, that’s not only frowned upon, but leaves a negative impression of your company.

  4. Unique and useful! Want good gifts for employees? Why not great gifts? When it comes to amping up your swag and creative corporate gift ideas, think fun and functional!

Corporate Gifting Is Great for Business!

Is corporate gifting right for your company? Yes! No matter what industry you’re in, what product you sell or the service you offer, corporate gifting is a great way to show your appreciation. In addition you can use personalized corporate gift ideas to generate sales leads or to create your own merchandise store.

In fact, corporate gifting is perfect for:

  • gifts for employees for years of service

  • corporate thank you gift ideas

  • gifts for associates for milestone achievements

  • corporate gift items for holidays

  • corporate birthday gifts for employees

  • and more!

What You Need To Know To Start a Corporate Gift Program:

Ready to start a Corporate Gift Program? When you partner with a company like Aliant Brands, you can rest assured, your corporate gifting is in good hands. From receiving curated collections that are on-brand and within-budget to quality customization, fullfillment and warehousing, they can help you with all of your corporate gifting needs from start to finish.

For the best gifting solutions for corporates, trust Aliant Brands to:

1. Design and development. Aliant Brands can bring you product options to reflect your ideas, branding, mood board, budget, and more. And, when it comes to customization, they leave no stone unturned. From helpful one pagers for approvals, color matching, mock ups and proofs, there are no unexpected surprises along the way.

2. Sourcing and Production. Think of us as your gateway to the word’s best suppliers. And, when it comes to customization, you have plenty of options! Need a pre-production sample for a big order? We got you!

3. Packaging and Sustainability. Forget over-the-up waste. From basic to stand out packaging, we get that less is more. What you get? Quality packaging that’s 100% recyclable, compostable, reused, and meets best practices for commercial packaging.

4. Fulfilment and Warehousing. Don’t have your own warehouse? You don’t need it. With Aliant Brands you can store and ship your branded swag with us, and remotely manage inventory and restock products. Plus, we can handle bulk- and drop- shipping. We’re all about fast service, scalable fulfilment, and on-time delivery.

Some Ideas for Corporate

Gifts For Employees & Clients


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