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Redefining the Notion of Creative Expression

In a society that often glorifies the extraordinary, the term "creative" has taken on an elusive and enigmatic quality. What does it truly mean to be creative? Is it reserved for those who possess an innate ability to conjure up imaginative, clever, or unexpected ideas? Or is there a simpler, more accessible definition that we've overlooked?

Graphic design concept of creativity

Let's break down the word itself. The suffix "ive" implies having a tendency to do something. If you're expressive of your feelings, you're emotive. If you prioritize inclusivity, you're inclusive. Those who frequently speak up are assertive. By this logic, if you're someone who regularly brings things into existence, you are creative. It's a perspective that shifts the focus from the quality of creation to the act of creation itself.

Somewhere along the way, we've set an impossibly high bar for what it means to be creative. The notion of creativity has become entangled with the pressure to produce something extraordinary or groundbreaking. This perspective may have inadvertently created a mental hurdle, discouraging many from recognizing their own creative potential. What if, instead, we viewed creativity through a lens of frequency rather than exclusivity?

Perhaps the only prerequisite for creativity is the frequency of creation. The pressure to produce something "good" or "special" dissipates when we realize that creativity is a tendency, an inclination to bring things into existence regularly. Like any skill, creativity thrives with practice, and the quality of creations may naturally evolve over time. The comforting truth is that you're already creative simply by engaging in the act of creation.

So, what does it take to be creative? The answer is surprisingly simple: just create. Whether it's building something with your hands, writing a few lines, sketching a doodle, crunching numbers, or crafting something unique, the act of making is the essence of creativity. And here's the secret: it doesn't have to be perfect, groundbreaking, or awe-inspiring. The only requirement is to repeat the process.

So, what does it truly mean to be creative? Perhaps it's time to redefine the term, to strip away the expectations and embrace a more inclusive perspective. Creativity is not about meeting unrealistic standards; it's about cultivating a tendency to create regularly. Break down the mental hurdle, set aside the fear of not being 'good enough,' and just build, write, draw, calculate, or make something. Anything. Then do it again. In this mindset, you're not just creative; you're a creator, contributing to the beautiful tapestry of human expression one creation at a time.


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