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Brand Highlight: Tricorp Workwear

We absolutely love the Tricorp Workwear range as they are high-quality, on-trend, and perfect for customizing. Aliant Brands is the official UK distributor and decorator for the Tricorp Workwear range.

Tricorp Workwear is a Dutch market leader in workwear and Haas F1 Team official Partner. The company designs and produces the best workwear for every professional, which is the very reason they are in business. They supply workwear for every professional; not just for men and women, but for professionals in the most diverse fields. It must fit perfectly. Professionals come in all shapes and sizes, which is not a problem for us, since our efforts are focused on developing collections of uniform workwear that are available in various sizes and fits.

Their goal is to make sure that professionals are able to work in safe, reliable and high-quality workwear, regardless of the area they work in.

Company Facts:


Tricorp has been a market leader in work clothing for many years. Company is synonymous with high-quality products, excellent service, innovation, and a vision of the future.


Tricorp is well aware that modern work clothing has to offer more than just functionality and high quality. It also has to comply with legal standards, and be suitable for contemporary use.


A lot of attention goes into the design and fit of the clothing, because everyone likes to look good. Since clothing made uniformly does not take into account different body shapes, Tricorp clothing is usually available in a large number of different sizes and models.

If you have questions about the Tricorp workwear range or if you need help customizing your Tricorp workwear and other apparel, contact Aliant Brands today.

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