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What is a Brand Story and Why is it Important for Your Business?

A brand story tells your customers and clients the why’s and who’s of your business. Unlike other marketing literature, your brand story should evoke an emotional reaction and inspire customers to engage with your brand as a result.

Some of the most inspirational brand stories come from those who accidentally started a successful company, simply by creating a product that they themselves needed. Founder of SPANX and, consequently, the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, Sara Blakely created her brand because she couldn’t bear the outdated and uncomfortable products available on the market, so she made her own.

So, if your brand story is a case of zero supply and huge demand, share it. Likewise, if you turned your passion into your business, shout about it – you may well inspire others to do the same.

Brand storytelling is important because it tells people the reasons your brand exists and humanizes a company, showing them the personality behind a brand and helping them see why they should invest in your products or services. Whether you print your brand story on flyers or leaflets, or you dedicate a page on your website, it’s really important to share your brand story and make people love, not just your products and services, but those who created them too.

How to Tell a Brand Story

Before you tell your brand story, it’s important that you know who your brand is, what it represents and why your brand is important in your chosen market. Did you start your company out of frustration of never quite having your needs met by similar brands? Was it started to solve a problem? Did you create a product for yourself and your loved ones only to find there was a huge demand in the wider market?

People love a story of triumph out of adversity, so if you have overcome hurdles to get where you are today, shout about it. Be proud of your achievements, but make sure you remember the difference between pride and arrogance and remain humble.

No matter the type of marketing you use, you can get your brand story out to your target audience. If you have leaflets or flyers, leave a space at the back for your brand story, but condense it down so it doesn’t take up too much precious advertising space. If you want to invest in a company brochure you will have far more room to play with and you can get your whole brand story on the final pages of the booklet, you may even want to include a picture of yourself and perhaps your family, if they are part of the reason your brand was brought to life.

What is Brand Storytelling and How Can You Get Your Brand Story Out There?

Brand storytelling is different to other literature on your website, social space, or company booklets because it is written as a narrative and not a promotional piece advertising products or services. A brand story serves to tell the history of your brand from the lightbulb moment to inception, to growth and finally where you are today. It also helps to outline your company’s core values and mission.This is where you can shout about any charitable partnerships, environmental objectives and personal achievements and goals that make your brand unique. You should talk about what an investment in your brand represents on a personal level. For example, if a customer purchases a product from you rather than a conglomerate, are they contributing to your children’s lives rather than a fat cat on a yacht in the Maldives?

Additionally, shopping locally means they are investing in their local economy, thus strengthening your community both in spirit and economical terms. Get your brand story out to draw customers in, you will be amazed by how strong a brand story can be as part of your marketing collateral.


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